"Hey Eric,
Been wearing the new eye for a couple of days now, and I have to say it's pretty awesome. Getting lots of compliments and lots of "something's different about you..." It's much more comfortable than the eye [another ocularist] made for me, and much more realistic. I pulled the old eye out and my wife and I looked at them side by side on the table tonight and it's not even a fair fight. Your work is clearly superior. It's amazing to me that it holds my lids open as much as [the previous] eye did, and yet it's so much smaller and less bulky.
- Josh"


"Thank you Lucy, Eric, and Janet!
The “eye” and I are doing well getting to know each other!  I am very pleased and can never thank you enough for your professionalism, artistry, and caring.  A miracle happened!
- Claire"


"Dear Mr. Lindsey,
Thank you so much for doing my eye!  I really appreciate all of the time and effort in to making it perfect!  Thanks so much!
- Terra"


"Hi Eric,
      I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you.  When this ordeal started, I fell into a depression.  I knew I was just another challenge to deal with.  I knew it did not change who I really was, but there was a definite impact on my vanity.  The fact is, I knew things would work themselves out, but I still could not escape feeling down, depressed and less than what I used to be.
      When [my wife] first checked out your website and made the appointment; I was less than enthusiastic.  This all began to change yesterday when I watched you work your magic with the paint brushes on a piece of plastic.  When I first looked in the mirror at the finished product I physically felt a large burden lifted.  Not off my shoulders, but from my inner being.
      So, once again I say THANK YOU. 
- Gil"


"Thank you very much for being so generous with your time to make the "perfect" eye for my mother.  She is very happy with the results and appreciated your kindness." 




"My entire life has been surrounded by embarrassment due to my physical handicap.  I was convinced I would spend the rest of my life like this.  Thanks to you Eric, my life has now changed for the better.  You worked diligently to make my eye perfect.  You are truly the best!  I can now live a confident life.

Than you again



Eric, this new shell is amazing! It looks and feels very natural. You have literally made my life easier. It can be difficult sometimes being "different" than other people, but you have gotten me looking as close to "normal" as possible! Thank you so much for once again going above and beyond.


You've been given a gift which is remarkable that in and of itself separates you from others. But on top of that, your generosity and sincerity in your work is hard to find out there, and you have it! Your apprentice is blessed to have an opportunity to learn from you. Way to go!