Current Staff


Eric Lindsey, BCO, BADO

President, CEO

Eric M. Lindsey studied fine arts and earned a Bachelor’s degree from California State University, Long Beach, graduating cum laude. He has received numerous awards and scholarships for his artwork and studied sculpture and painting in Italy. Between 2003 and 2008, Eric trained with Phillip Danz and creates ocular prostheses using the methods perfected by Phillip Danz over the past five decades. Now a Board Certified Ocularist, Eric continues to strive for more realistic results by combining his artistic skills with these traditional methods.

Eric lives with his beautiful wife, their two children, and a gekko. When he is not in the office, Eric enjoys surfing, golfing, and taking weekend trips with his family.

Eric's art portfolio website:


Lucille (Lucy) Ibey

Office Manager

Raised in Sacramento since the age of four, Lucy considers herself a Sacramento native. She is our office manager and is usually the first person you see walking through the front door, and the voice you hear when you call us.

At Phillip A. Danz and Associates, Lucy's generosity and warm personality helps our patients feel at home. Here, she will help you schedule appointments and take care of billing/authorization.

Prior to joining us, Lucy had over ten years of experience as an office manager at a local landscaping company. During her 35 years (and counting!) of marriage to her husband Rodney, she has proudly raised 4 lovely and successful children. During her free time, Lucy enjoys knitting and crocheting, outdoor sports, and spending time with her family on a boating trip.


Janet Chao

Anaplastologist, Apprentice Ocularist

Janet Chao received a B.S in Bioengineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, then studied Scientific Illustration at the University of California at Santa Cruz. Later, Janet received a Master's degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago in Biomedical Visualization, with a focus on maxillofacial prosthetics. She has interned with the California Academy of Sciences, Scientific American, and the Smithsonian Institution.

Janet is currently training under Eric in order to obtain certifications in both anaplastology and ocularistry, a process that takes five years to complete. She specializes in silicone prostheses for facial patients, and regularly prepares ocular prostheses in the lab. During the week, Janet makes sure your eyes are made with the greatest care and precision. On the weekends, she likes to work on arts and crafts projects, visit shops and galleries, and travel.


Erica Edwards

Office Assistant

At Phillip A. Danz Erica assists Lucy to keep things running smoothly, as well as aiding in patient and insurance collections. She has nearly 3 years of experience working in the medical field both in billing as well as patient customer service. Erica currently attends American River College and in the future hopes to pursue a career in feline dentistry.

Erica is currently living downtown with her cat Calcifer and her boyfriend Steve. In her spare time enjoys random day trip traveling, reading and drawing.


Riley Knox


Born and raised in Mill Valley, California, Riley graduated from Tamalpais High School before pursuing a degree in Biomedical Engineering at UC Davis. He assists with much of the lab work at Phillip A. Danz and Associates, but can also be found in our computer room doing design projects or working with our 3D printer.

In his free time, Riley enjoys playing soccer, snowboarding, and attending Giants games.


Past staff


Phillip Danz, BCO

Former President, CEO

B.A., Bacteriology, UCB, 1961 Fellow of the American Society of Ocularists (A.S.O.) (1983), President of the A.S.O. (1987-1989), Chairman of N.E.B.O. (1994-1996). President of the Ocularist Association of California (1998 – present).

Phillip Danz has been practicing as an ocularist for over 45 years. He is certified by the National Examining Board of Ocularists, N.E.B.O. and has won many awards and recognitions in the field.

Mr. Danz's father and grandfather were skilled glass eye makers who established practices in California in 1931. Mr. Danz retired in 2008 but still stops by occasionally to make eyes.


Pete Adams

Assistant Ocularist

Pete trained for five years in Anaplastology at the Veteran's Administration hospital in St. Louis and now is currently a member of the American Anaplastology Association. He has over 28 years experience as an ocularist.